Family Medicine

Family Medicine

The doctors in the Department of Family Medicine at Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital (SHUPH) are trained to address most of your health care needs. Our department is comprised of board certified Family Physicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds and language fluency. Family physicians undergo specialty training in all major medical specialties and can treat patients of any age or gender.

In an effort to provide more personalized care, SHUPH strongly recommends that every patient or family select a doctor or Primary Care Practitioner (PCP) from one of our primary care specialties. This doctor can be a Family Physician, Pediatrician, or General Internist depending on the patient’s age.

Regardless, your Primary Care Practitioner (PCP) can care for your whole health, no matter what your current health status. If you feel healthy, your family doctor can recommend evidence-based primary prevention measures to prevent disease and keep you healthy. If you have not been feeling well, your family doctor can work with you to diagnose and treat any illness. If at any point you need more specialized care, your doctor will call upon an expert you can trust and help coordinate the care you receive at SHUPH and, if necessary, in the Shanghai medical community as well.

Our Family Physicians will ensure that you receive competent and compassionate care no matter your health care needs.

Family Medicine Services

Family Medicine physicians in the Shanghai PuDong Hospital provides comprehensive health care for people of all ages.  We are known for our breadth of knowledge.

  • Six days a week outpatient clinic: Monday to Saturday
  • Urgent care
  • Continuing and comprehensive care on chronic conditions
  • Preventative medicine
  • Health check-up & health-risk assessment
  • Health maintenance and lifestyle counseling
  • Well baby check-up and immunization
  • School or summer camp check ups
  • Referrals to specialists
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