Postpartum Rehabilitation

Postpartum Rehabilitation

Boasting over 20 years of experience in gynecology and pediatrics, the Postpartum Rehabilitation Department of Shanghai United Family Pudong Hospital is composed of domestic and foreign gynecological and pediatric specialists and rehabilitation experts. The department provides 24/7 follow-up and guidance services to promote the body growth and development of newborns, assist the new moms smoothly through the postpartum period, and finally guarantee a healthy life for each family.

Our luxurious rooms are able to provide hotel-style guest experience. With professional and scientific confinement concept, powerful medical team supports, special facilities and customized services, we are committed to offering a comfortable home-style living experience for each staying mother and family. Your sense of belonging is our top priority.

Postpartum care basic services

  • Shuttle service for pregnant women
  • Living in a home-style room
  • Furnished with free 24 hours Wi-Fi, independent bathroom, and fresh air system
  • Including three main meals and three snacks every day
  • Standard configuration of each room
  • Tailor-made bed for postpartum recovery, air purifier, humidifier, safety, special liquid for mother and baby, multi-functional disinfection drying pot, etc.
  • Free supply of daily consumables

Services available to mother

  • Medical team
  • Gynecologists and obstetricians / midwives
  • Rehabilitation doctor
  • Postpartum rehabilitative therapist
  • Specialized nurses
  • 24-hour special nurses for maternal and baby care
  • Traditional Chinese physicians and nutritionist
  • Typical drugs for postpartum rehabilitation (following the medical advice)

Services available to the baby

  • Medical team
  • Assessing the baby’s health on the day of admission
  • Pediatrician
  • Child rehabilitation therapist
  • Specialized nurses
  • 24-hour special nurses for maternal and baby care
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