Tad PU


Child psychiatrist
Director, Center for Developmental Disorders


MD, Med


Mental Health




Dr. Tad Pu graduated with his medical degree from Nanjing Medical University and completed his residency, as a student of Professor Tao Kuo-Tai, in child and adolescent psychiatry in Nanjing Medical University-affiliated Brain Hospital. Dr. Pu has also trained in the United States as a special educator in the areas of behavioral therapy, psychological evaluation, and counseling for children and families with developmental and behavioral disorders. He has worked for more than 30 years in the United States, Hong Kong, and Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in mainland China for children and adolescents struggling with developmental disorders, such as ASD, ADHD, intellectual disorders, speech delay, learning disorders and Tourette’s syndrome. He has also had extensive experience in the field of child and adolescent mental disorders like depression, anxiety disorders and early onset psychotic disorders, bipolar disorder and personality disorders.

Dr. Pu is licensed in China as a psychiatric physician specializing in developmental psychiatry. He is a registered international member of Academy of American Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. He was also registered special education teacher in Texas, US and Hong Kong.