Shiyi CHEN


Specialist in Orthopedics Sports Medicine
Chief Physician, Professor, and Doctoral Supervisor


Master in Sports Medicine, Doctorate in Orthopedics





Areas of specialty treatments:

Prof. Chen Shiyi is a top orthopedic surgeon and a leading specialist in sports medicine and arthroscopy surgery in China. Prof. Chen has built up 40 years of clinical experience, especially in minimal invasive treatment in orthopedics and sports medicine, he has devoted in sports injuries in knees, shoulders, ankles and other joints, and arthroscopic surgeries therefor. He has made in-depth researches in the treatment and the rehabilitation for injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilages. He has won internationally well-recognized fame in artificial ligaments, shoulder rotator cuff repair (Chinese way), knee ligament and meniscus injury, and cartilage regeneration. He used to be a chief physician for Chinese Olympic champions such as Liu Xiang, Xu Lijia, Zou Shiming, etc.


Prof. Chen got his bachelor’s degree in medicine from Zhejiang Medical University in 1982, and his master’s degree in sports medicine from Beijing Medical University and Shanghai Medical University. He studied with Prof. Gu Yudong, a famous academician, and earned his Ph.D. in orthopedic surgery from Fudan University. He received advanced studies and training in oversea for five years, and worked, in a dozen of well-known institutions both at home and abroad, such as St George’s Hospital of the University of NSW, Linköping University in Sweden, Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, the University of Pittsburgh, and Harvard University in USA. Prof. Chen has been a doctoral supervisor in orthopedic sports medicine at Fudan University since 2001.


Prof. Chen is now the Chair of Sports Medical Center of Fudan University, the director of department of orthopedic sports medicine and arthroscopic Surgery at Huashan Hospital, top ten hospitals in China, the director of Training Base (Shanghai) of the Ministry of Health of China for arthroscopy, the director of International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS) approved teaching and training Center for Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine in Mainland of China, the president-elected of Chinese Society of Sports Medicine (Chinese Medical Association), and the chairman of Sports Medicine Commission of CAOS. He is also an executive board member of ISAKOS, the president of Asia Pacific Knee, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Society (APKASS), and a CMO for international major events in China such as FIA, FIM, the Chinese Olympic delegation for London 2012 Olympics game, the AFC, etc.