Sharon Yen




Master of Psychology, M.Psy


Mental Health




Areas of specialty treatments:

Ms. Yen has several specialties, including assessment and treatment of conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, depression, anxiety disorders and other emotional disturbances.


Ms. Yen received her Bachelor’s degree from Taiwan Normal University, China, in 2003. Three years later she received her Master’s degree from Taiwan University, China, in clinical psychology. She completed her psychologist training in 2006 at the Psychiatric Department of Taiwan University Hospital, China, and completed her post graduate training at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, China, in 2008, where she -developed expertise in managing conditions ranging from autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, selective mutism to other emotional disturbances.


Ms. Yen has over 10 years of clinical experience and was the director of the clinical teaching protect in her hospital. Moreover, she has worked with special education teacher as an online instructor of an rehab center in Shanghai. Before joining United Family Healthcare Shanghai Area hospitals and clinics, Ms. Yen served in Cathay General Hospital as a specialist in cognitive and developmental assessment, MBCT(Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy),play therapy, family counselling, treatment for anxiety disorders, insomnia and depression. In addiction, she is also a certificated school psychologist in Educational Beureau of  NewTaipei City and Keelung City, Taiwan. She is good at combining educational and medical approaches to help the clients . Ms. Yen is certified by the Association of Taiwan Clinical Psychologists, China.She is also a member of Shanghai International Mental Health Association.

In addition to her clinical work, Ms. Yen also served as a school consultant in Keelung Resource Center of Special Education, China.Ms. Yen published several articles in medical journals, including Chinese Journal of Mental Health and Fu-Jen Journal of Medicine. Ms. Yen applied a clinical intervention specific for children with ADHD and dysgraphia. The result was published in the Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Association of Clinical psychology in 2014 and Ms. Yen won  the Best Research Award . Meanwhile, she won the Teaching Excellence Awards of Taiwan Cathay Hospital in 2012 and 2013.


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