Gongli ZHOU







Professional concept:
“In order to provide more accurate and personalized diagnosis and treatment plan for thyroid patients, I have been striving to master the comprehensive medical knowledge and skills of surgery, ultrasound, intervention, pathology, public health and so on. Let thyroid patients avoid unnecessary surgery, or as far as possible to reduce the trauma of surgery, enjoy the same quality of life with ordinary people, is the direction I have been pursuing.

Good at diagnosis and treatment of thyroid and breast diseases, adhere to the “minimally invasive” characteristics, good at “small incision endoscopic assisted thyroid surgery”, “endoscopic thyroid surgery”, “thyroid radiofrequency therapy”, “thyroid tumor gene detection”
Association certification
Dr. Zhou is a certified doctor of the Chinese Medical Association Committee, a member of the Asian Association of endocrine surgery, and also the president of Hangzhou Weijia hospital.

Professional certification:
In 2012, Dr. Zhou Gongli obtained a master’s degree in 7-year clinical medicine from the Medical College of Zhejiang University. After that, he worked in the head and neck (thyroid) surgery of Run Run Shaw Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Zhejiang University. He has worked for nearly 10 years and participated in or operated on more than 2000 cases of thyroid surgery.

In 2011, he studied at UCLA Reagan medical center, a top medical center on the west coast of the United States, following Howard a. rebor, a famous professor of surgery. From 2015 to 2018, Kuma hospital, the world’s top thyroid specialist hospital, studied thyroid surgery, follow-up of thyroid microcarcinoma, thyroid puncture, etc. for many times, followed Professor Miyagi, President of Asian endocrine surgery. Long term study and work make him have unique views on the treatment of thyroid and breast diseases.

In 2017, he founded Hangzhou Weijia hospital and served as the president. In addition to focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, Dr. Zhou has published several academic articles in medical journals such as molecular biology reports. He also participated in the research project of National Natural Science Foundation of China.