Gu Xuefan


Pediatric Endocrinologist consultant


(中文) 医学硕士







Clinical diagnosis and treatment, prevention, prenatal diagnosis and genetic counselling of endocrine diseases, genetic diseases and rare diseases in pediatrics, including short stature, precocious puberty, obesity, abnormal sexual development, adrenal and thyroid diseases, and cognitive developmental disorders.

Academic Achievements:

Actively engaging in the clinical diagnosis, treatment and prevention research of pediatric endocrine and genetic diseases, developed a series of biochemical, enzymatic and genetic testing techniques for clinical diagnosis, prenatal diagnosis and neonatal screening of genetic diseases. Successively presided over sub-project of the national 863 project, the 11th five project and the twelfth five project, the national natural science fund project etc. Editor in chief of the newborn disease screening, the newborn genetic metabolic disease screening, clinical genetic metabolic disease and other’s industry influential monographs, awarded provincial science and technology progress prize for 7 times.

Administration Experience:

Chief of Department of Pediatric Endocrinology and Genetics, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Institute of Pediatric Medicine, and Shanghai Diagnosis and Treatment Centre of Rare Diseases in children.

Member of the Expert Committee of Diagnosis, Treatment and Protection of Rare Diseases of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, member of the Expert Committee of Neonatal Screening, and member of the Expert Committee of Reproductive Health of the Ministry of Health.

Associate chief of Medical Geneticists Branch of Chinese Medical Doctors Association, chief of the Clinical Biochemistry and Genetics Professional Committee, etc.