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Should I Have Minimally Invasive Surgery?

Chien-Liang LAI, Surgeon

Surgery is difficult topic for the general public. Although surgery is used to treat many diseases, the pain, stress, and trauma caused by traditional surgical procedures can make a patient ..

Diet Guide for Pregnancy Preparation

Xia CAI, OBGYN Consultant

Faced with a wide range of health products and nutrients, a number of preparing pregnant couples are often confused, not knowing what food to eat. Actually, all prospective parents want to e..

How To Monitor Follicle Ovulation

Xia CAI, OBGYN Consultant

It is important to understand follicle growth and ovulation for women to effectively plan pregnancy. Normally, one follicle will grow, mature and ovulate in one menstruation cycle. A couple ..

How to measure basal body temperature

Xia CAI, OBGYN Consultant

The exact time of ovulation can be determined by measuring the basal body temperature. How to measure? From the first day to before the day of the next period is one full menstruation period..

It is important to prepare for IVF

Xia CAI, OBGYN Consultant

Although the conception of IVF is not unfamiliar to everyone, not any couples who want to do it are qualified, you must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of our country. The mini..

The IVF Clinic Pregnancy Rate

Xia CAI, OBGYN Consultant

Since the birth of the world's first test tube baby, assisted reproductive technology took a qualitative leap in technology and treatment, although the procedure has been around for 40 years..