Nicole HUANG


Registered Dietitian


BSc in Science of Nutrition (Currently studying MSc in Public Health)


Nutrition Clinic




Areas of specialty:

Ms. Huang is specialized in several areas including medical nutritional therapy for obesity, diabetics, hyperuricemia, hyperlipemia, tumor, diet consulting for people at all life stages and those with special dietary requirements such as vegetarians, and also enteral nutritional support.


Ms. Huang received her bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Shanghai Jiaotong University, School of Medicine in 2012. During her study in Jiaotong,  she completed “food safety and nutrition” course in University College Dublin. She proceeded professional experience as an intern  in Shanghai Food And Drug Administration (FDA), Shanghai Center of Disease Control (CDC), and Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. She has mastered basic nutrition science, public nutrition, group nutrition, clinical nutrition, and food safety, as well as their application in clinical nutrition support and therapies.


Ms. Huang has over seven years of clinical experience. Before joining United Family Healthcare Shanghai market, Ms. Huang worked in Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, as a specialist in nutritional therapy for acute and chronic diseases, nutritional consulting for people at all life stages, for those with special dietary requirements, and providing enternal nutrition support. Ms. Huang is a registered dietitian at Chinese Nutrition Society, and is a member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Dietitian Committee, Shanghai Medical Association, Shanghai Nutrition Academy, Shanghai Diet Therapy Research Society. Besides her work in clinical nutrition, Ms. Huang has also published a number of papers in journals including 《Free Radical Biology and Medicine》, 《Geriatrics and Health Care》, 《Shanghai Journal of Stomatology》, 《Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Medical Science) 》, and has participated in editing multiple books. Ms. Huang was awarded as “the star of the future” at the first National Dietitian Competition in 2017.

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